Baking Instructions

Colors Handmade Pizza Products are designed to work in any type of oven

Colors pizza products leverage various oven characteristics or compensate for some oven shortcomings, ensuring excellent results with both fresh pizza dough and par-baked crusts across a range of oven types.

Impinger And Conveyor Ovens

Bake Temp: 450 Degrees. Bake Time: 5 Minutes

Colors Par-baked Crusts, such as our California or Flatbread Style Crusts, are optimized for conveyor ovens, allowing for shorter bake times and preventing the crust from drying out.

Convection Ovens

Bake Temp: 425 Degrees. Bake Time: Around 8 - 10 Minutes

These ovens are suitable for any of Colors' Par-baked Crusts. For best results, place the pizza directly on the rack, and consider using a pizza stone to enhance heat transfer and reduce bake time.

Deck Ovens

Bake Temp: 450 Degrees. Bake Time: Around 8 - 10 Minutes

Deck ovens are ideal for Colors' Traditional Dough Balls. Use pizza screens to prevent the crust from burning. Colors' Stone Deck Pizza Crust is specifically designed for these ovens.

Conventional Ovens

Bake Temp: Highest Temp Setting. Bake Time: Around 10 - 12 Minutes

Conventional ovens, which dry out the crust more, benefit from the use of a pizza stone for even heat distribution and a maximized heat setting.

Wood Burning Ovens

These ovens provide a quick bake for fresh pizza, with Colors' Traditional Pizza Dough Ball being an excellent choice. For those unable to use dough balls, our Stone Deck Pizza Crust is an alternative.

Grill, Salamander & Cheese Melter

Our Flatbread Style and Ultrathin Pizza Crusts cater to operations without traditional ovens, allowing for versatile cooking methods including grilling and salamandering to achieve perfect results.

Specialty Ovens

Modern ovens like the TurboChef, which uses a combination of microwave and convection technology, cook pizzas in about a minute. Colors' Par-baked Crusts are adaptable to these innovative cooking methods.