Retail Pizza Products

Handmade in San Diego by people…not machines!

Frozen pizzas are plentiful in grocery stores. Most are mass-produced and come in colorful boxes. But once out of the box, they all look alike, made on the same automated production lines, with similar ingredients. One could think they are all made by the same big factory.

At Colors, we chose a different route; instead of pretty boxes, we package our pizza in clear vacuum bags so you can see the actual pizza or flatbread. We start with our handmade crusts and top them with the best ingredients and cheeses, resulting in delicious, beautifully colorful pizzas and flatbreads.

You can find our pizzas, flatbreads, and pizza dough balls at the following quality neighborhood markets:

Cardiff Seaside Market

Boney’s Bayside Market Coronado

Barons Market Murrieta

Barons Market North Park

Barons Market Point Loma

Barons Market Rancho Bernardo

Barons Market Temecula

Barons Market Wildomar

Barons Market Otay Ranch